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The Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

John Glees is a Trustee of the Ralph Bates Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, a UK-based charity set up in 1992 in memory of British actor Ralph Bates, who died of the disease. The main objective of the fund is to provide grants for research into causes, diagnosis and treatments of pancreatic cancer. The grants enable equipment to be purchased or leased and cover the employment costs and expenses of researchers. None of the trustees receive remuneration for their services or reimbursement of expenses. For donations, please visit www.ralphbatespcr.org.uk


John Glees Clinical Research Fund

Dr. Glees founded his own research fund called Dr. John Glees Clinical Research Fund at the Royal Marsden in 1983. Through the years this has enabled senior registrars to conduct and publish research and also work in his clinics. Dr. Glees Research Fund has provided funding to purchase equipment for radiotherapy planning and for the refurbishment of the Mould Room at the Royal Marsden, Sutton branch, where most of the referrals with skin cancers are treated. 

Donations can be made by cheques payable to Dr John Glees Clinical Research Fund